Eating Gluten Free

Latest Updates

After long deliberation, we have decided to close our business. When we started selling mixes there were very few gluten free options available...and even fewer options that tasted good.  As time has gone by, more and more decent alternatives have come on the market. That, combined with the busyness of life as moms to a combined 12 children, contributed to our decision to close things down. I want to be able to go grocery shopping again without feeling guilty that I'm neglecting this business! 

 With that said, we still believe our recipes are some of the best out there.  (We especially love our flour blend). If you feel the same way, you may continue to buy the mixes and cookbooks from GF Blends, a Washington state company.  To place an order with them, you may contact them at (509) 375-0909.

 Thank you for cooking with us over the years!