Eating Gluten Free

Where to find gluten free products

Where to Find Ingredients for Gluten Free Cooking

Buying Ingredients for Gluten Free Cooking

The first trip to the grocery store after being diagnosed can take hours. People tell us that they walked aimlessly around the store, picking up boxes, reading the labels, and then putting them back on the shelf. While your shopping trips may take longer as you become accustomed to your new diet, this information will help make them a little easier.

Regular Grocery Stores.
We do most of our shopping at the same grocery stores we’ve always shopped at, because most of the things we cook require regular ingredients. Things like eggs, milk, fruits and vegetables (fresh, frozen, or canned), and plain cuts of meat are naturally gluten free. These stores are also a great place to buy mainstream, convenient products that are gluten free. These include things like chips, pudding mixes, applesauce, juices, lunchmeats, and more. (Wal-Mart has even started labeling the gluten content of its store brands, making it very easy to shop for gluten free products there.)
In addition to the items they already carry, most supermarkets will carry items they receive requests for. So get all your family members and friends to fill out request forms for gluten free products whenever they enter the grocery store!

Health Food Stores.
If you are looking for gluten free baking supplies, Health Food stores are the best place to look. As more people are diagnosed with Celiac, Health Food stores have responded. Many now have gluten free sections, making it easier to find their gluten free products. Call the stores that are nearest your house and ask about their gluten free selection. You can also buy gluten free flours in bulk from health food stores. Some even offer discounts if you are buying a 25 or 50 lb. bag of flour.

Internet Stores.
Purchasing things on the internet can be a great way to find gluten free products. currently has a large selection of gluten free mixes and other products at very low prices, as long as you are willing to buy them by the case. We recommend that you try a product at least once before buying 6 or 12 of them. Other websites also sell gluten free products. (OUR website sells gluten free mixes, interestingly enough!) Shipping can be expensive, but internet purchases are a great way to get gluten free products if you live far from any health food stores.

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Where to get Our Products

Our mixes and cookbook can be found in the following stores:

Kitchen Specialties and Granary
PO Box 100 9264 Fountain Street Rd
Mark Center, Ohio 43536



Gluten Free Foods
1596 N Hill Field Rd #B
Layton UT 84041


Macey’s Food Stores

Provo, UT

(801) 356-3216



Beehive Health Essentials

846 Expressway Lane Spanish Fork, Ut. (next to Kmart)




Good Earth

500 S. State Street Orem, Ut. 84057

Good Earth
1045 S. University Ave. Provo, Ut.84601

Against The Grain
2292 W. 5400 S. Taylorsville, Utah 84118

Jake's Place Gluten Free Foods
4380 E. Fairview Ave
Meridian, Idaho

Highland Health Foods 
101 Vista Way Kennewick, Washington

Richland Health Foods
1769 George Washington Way Richland, Washington

Vickie Rowley
Payson, Utah
(Email to set up a pick up time)

Terri Carr
Mount Pleasant, UT
(Email to set up a pickup time)

Do you want a store near you to carry our products?
If so, please talk to them and ask them to carry our mixes. This is one sure way to have our products easily available.

Eating Out

It is easier to deal with a gluten free diet at home, but everyone likes to eat out once in a while. As Celiac becomes more well-known, more restaurants are starting to provide gluten free menus.

Even if the restaurant doesn't have a special menu, restaurant owners and chefs are generally happy to help customers with dietary restrictions. Call ahead to make sure the restaurant has menu options that you will be able to eat, and once you are seated, be very specific when explaining your needs to your waiter. (Don't just say "No wheat"- let them know that you also can't eat flour, wheat starch, or anything made from those ingredients, such as croutons.) It can also be helpful to speak to the chef who will actually be cooking your food.

We've provided a list of a few of the larger restaurant chains that cater to gluten free diets. The internet can also help you find restaurants in your area that have gluten free options.

Outback Steak House

PF Chang's



Chick Fil A

Cold Stone Creamery

Dairy Queen

Jamba Juice

Carrabba's Italian Grill



Old Spaghetti Factory*



*Gluten Free menu only available at some locations For more resteraunts and information try visiting this website- dedicated to helping the celiac be safe while eating out! Gluten Free Restaurant Resources for Celiacs by Triumph Dining, including The Essential Gluten Free Restaurant Guide and Triumph Dining Cards.

Western Family gluten-free product requests

September 23, 2005 This is a compiled list of The Gluten Free products made by Western Family. Products do change, however, so make sure you always check the labels!

 Acetaminophen, Alfredo Sauce Mix, Allergy Medicine, Max Strength Antacid tablets, all Apple Juice & Cocktail, bottled Apple Juice, frozen Apple Pie Filling, Aspirin, Aspirin Free Pain Reliever, AuJus Mix

Baby Wipes, Bacon, Bacon Bits, Baked Beans, Baking Cocoa, Baking Powder, Baking Soda, Barbecue Sauce, Beets (pickled), Bis-mate, Bouillon (beef & chicken), Brown Sugar, Butter

Canola Oil, Cheese, processed and natural Cherry Pie Filling, Chicken Bag N Bake, Chicken Broth, Children's liquid Ibuprofen, Berry Flavored Children's Liquid Pain Reliever (Acetaminophen), Chili Beans, Chilies, canned ChlorTabs, Chocolate Chips, Chocolate flavored drink mix, Chocolate flavored syrup, Cocoa mix, Coconut, Corn (cream style), Corn Syrup, Corned Beef, canned Corned Beef, fresh Corned Beef hash, Cottage Cheese, Cranberry Juice, bottle Cranberry Juice, frozen Cream Cheese, Cream Cheese (fat free), Cream cheese (all- w chives), Crispy rice (Holiday only)

Dips for chips, Drink Mix (like Koolaid)

French fries (frozen), Fruit Cocktail, Fruit snacks

Garlic Salt or powder, Gelatin, Grape Juice (White)

Hal-all Ham sliced (lunch meat), Hot dogs, Hot sauce

Ibuprofen liquid (berry), Ice cream and Sherbet- except for added cookies (cookies and cream), Italian dressing mix

Jams and Jellies


Lactase enzyme, Lemonade drink mix, Lemonade (frozen), Luncheon loaf

Maraschino cherries, Margarine, Marshmallows, Mayonaise, all Mozzarella cheese, Mouthwash, Mustard

All Nighttime flu, cold, couch med., Non dairy creamer (dry), Non fat dry milk, Nutritional supplement drinks, Nuts

Olives, Orange juice (frozen), Onion soup mix (dry)

Pan coat, Pan coat (butter flavor), Parmesean cheese, Peanut Butter, Pickles, Pickle Relish, Popcorn, Popsicles, Pork and Beans, Pork chop bag n bake, Potato chips, Potatos (Instant mashed), Prunes, Psudatabs, Pudding (boxed mixes), Pumpkin (canned)

Rasins, Ranch dressing mix, Refried beans, Relish, Rice biscuits

Salad dressing (Creamy cucumber), Salami, Salsa, Sandwich spread, Sausage (Italian), Seasoning Salt, Shortening, Shortening (butter), Smoked Sausage (contains potato starch), Smokies, Soda pop, Soup (chicken and rice), Sour Cream, Sour cream (imitation), Soy Milk, Soy Sauce, Spaghetti Sauce (jar), Spaghetti Sauce (mix), Spread (52 percent vegetable Spreads), Steak sauce, Stewed tomatoes, Strawberries (frozen), Syrup

Taco seasoning, Taco shells, Tomato sauce, Tomatoes, Toothpaste, Tune Turkey (sliced lunchmeat),

Vanilla (extract and imitation), Vinegar, Vineagar (apple cider),

Whipped topping, Worcestershire sauce,

Yams, yogurt

This list is not all-inclusive. It only represents products for which consumers have called us. For information on products not on this list, first check the ingredient statement and then call Nancy Pickett at Western Family Foods (503) 639-6300.

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