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What's New On Eating Gluten

We have added a bunch of new recipes, new pages, and new information. To make it easier for you to find out if we have added anything new on the site we are adding this new page. When you come here you will find a list of all the new items added throughout the website and the date they were added. We hope this makes your life a lot easier!

Dec. 2007

Sorry, we haven't done very well at keeping this page updated. There are alot of new recipes up, so check out all the recipe pages. Just recently I added all the cookie recipes from our last class. These include: snickerdoodles, pumpkin pie crust cookies, Russian tea cakes, gingerbread, and thumbprint cookies.

We also have our new flour mix for sale. It's a fabulous flour mix. You can substitute cup for cup in any recipe that calls for GF mix or featherlite mix or even regular wheat flour. It works great! If you can check it out!

June 2007

June 17th: Added our Oven Fried Chicken recipe onto the dinners page. Let us know what you think!

Check out our dessert page! We've added a new recipe for Brownies, Pavlova and Angel Food Cake!

April 2007

Gluten Free Oreo Recipe now available in our dessert section!

March 2007

We have added a bunch of recipes since the last time I made an entry to this page. I'll list a few . . .

corn chowder
cheesy chicken chowder
cinnamon rolls- with several variations

Our cookbook is also available.

Hopefully by next month we'll have a basic muffin mix and a new flour mix out as well. Also, watch for the Oreo Cookie recipe coming soon!

November 2006

We are proud to announce that our first cookbook is now available for pre-orders. It is being printed and put together right now! If you order it now, you will receive it by the beginning of December. Just in time for Christmas!

We've spent hundreds of hours putting together our most favorite recipes to go in this cookbook. We came up with over 140 of them. This is a book that we know will become one of the most used cookbooks in your home.

Not only did we give you all our favorite recipes but we included tips about how to get started eating gluten free, how to modify recipes, which restaurants have gluten free menus, where to shop etc.

We hope you enjoy it for many, many years!

Betsy and Kirsti.

Order it now online store

June 2006

The cake mix is now available to order online! We are working on adding credit card acceptance and that should be working within a week or two!

Also, check out our new "Making GF bread tips and hints" on our bread recipe page and GF tips page!

June 13th 2006

There are a lot of new things vailable on Eating Gluten Free.

More information on how to deal with just being diagnosed in our Why Gluten Free Page.

New muffin Recipes online under our bread page

New Cheese Cake Recipe online under our desert page.

New Honey Bar-beque Sauce recipe online under our dinner page.

New Cream Cheese pie crust recipe that is amazingly easy under our dessert page.

Keep watching. We will soon be adding our chocolate cake mix into our store. We have them available for $4.50 for a large cake mix, we just haven't posted them yet!!!

Happy Cooking!
From, Eating Gluten Free

March 30th 2006

New Recipes! Enchilada's are now online, along with Chocolate Marshmellow treats. We also added lasagna last month for those who are new! Check them out in the dinner section of recipes.

November 16th 2005

We'd like to start adding your favorite recipes to the site. If you have a good one please share it with us. We'll try it out and hopefully post it on the site.

I posted a new recipe today sent to us from Janice Bunker. I tried it for dinner a couple nights ago and my husband, who loves mexican, raved about it. My daughter didn't want to try it- but the rest of my kids ate it up. Let us know what you think! And thanks Janice- it sure made my dinner night easy; not having to decide what to make!!

Mexicali Spoon Bread- found in the dinner section under recipes.

November 11th 2005

  • Green Bean Casserole
  • Fabulous Mashed Potatoes
  • Gluten Free Gravy

    November 1st 2005

    October 17th 2005

    The "Eating Gluten Free" Store!

    Tired of having to mix all those ingredients together before you cook something.
    Now you don't have to! We've recently added 2 "Eating Gluten free" dry mixes to our online store for your convenience.
    You can get our
    "Best Bread and Pizza Crust" or our
    "Wonderful Waffles".

    October 3rd 2005

    Featherlight biscuit recipe can now be found under the breads listing- with it's own specific link

    Cream Soup base is now easily located in the soup section

    September 27th 2005